Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Big News!

We're pregnant! Baby #2 is due November 4, 2010. We have wanted a second another child for quite some time and are so excited to be pregnant! Here are a couple pictures of what I hope to be a girl, and Nathan hopes to be a boy :)

6 weeks
7 weeks

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend (just like every weekend) we went to the Tucson Zoo. Though our zoo isn't the biggest, it's the perfect size for a two year old and Emilie LOVES it. This weekend we decided to try feeding the giraffes (or girass according to Em) and Emster had a blast! This little girl is not afraid of anything, even a giant black creepy giraffe tongue!

Waiting to pay "the Man" for her giraffe biscuits.

This squirrel was really comfortable up close to people.
Check out the creepy giraffe tongue!

We moved all the furniture out of the living room and brought out our beast of a mattress and had a slumber party. We watched "The Princess and The Frog" and ate chocolate chippies. I love how little things make Emilie so happy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay, so I have been cornered into blogging. These videos were too large to email so I must post them here. I guess I may as well start blogging again! So here are some recent videos of my little actress. She is really made for the stage, but we would like for her to have as few issues as possible when she grows up so we don't plan on her being a child actor. This will just have to serve as her little stage for now!

Here is Emilie singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her tiny dinosaurs. She sings very quietly and VERY deeply and is very shy about singing in general. She also happens to be in a laundry basket for some reason!

I saw this hee-hee (horse) at a consignment sale and the price was too good to pass up. My sister has the same one in Ohio, so Emilie was really happy to see her hee-hee again. Let's see if you can catch what a hee-hee eats. She also does her little emotions dramatization while riding the horse. She really should be on TV!

Okay, so I really will start blogging more. I have now realized how much this serves as a journal and am sad to have no record of the daily musings of Emilie the past 6 months. So, I am going to aim high and try to update once a week. Maybe Sundays. For posterity's sake!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Big 2

Believe it or not, Emilie turned two last week! Here are some pictures from her big day.
With her "Up Cakes"
She loves the "pooh" her Daddy sent her
Her Rella dress
Her very own Rella Up Cake!

Rella is also a spoon...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just ignore the time lapse.

After many unsuccesful attempts at a full blown update of the past few months, I've decided it is too dang overwhelming (or boring) to do and I have decided to give the Clif Notes version of an update. Nathan has been in Afghanistan since July, he is alive and homesick and should be home around February 1st. Emilie have been in Ohio since July. We are alive, not really homesick, but we do really miss Nathan! Emilie finally had tubes put in a little over a month ago and so far we have had no new ear infections (she has had about 15 in the last year so this is a HUGE improvement!) Emilie is the girliest of all girly girls. She loves Cinderella ("Rella"), Sleeping Beauty ("The Drean" as in The Dream, for Once Upon a Dream,) fancy dresses ("dancin"), tutus ("dancin"), dress up shoes ("dancin shoe shoes"), tiaras ("heir" as in hair), jewelry ("fritties" as in pretties), anything with glitter ("oohhh"), and anything to do with dancing. She is at such a fun and cute age and I am so sad that Nathan is missing so much right now. Luckily he gets to call pretty much every day so he is pretty well informed, so really I can't complain. Well, not too much anyway :) So that's the past few months in a nutshell. We aren't very exciting people. Now that I don't have the big update looming over my head I should be much better at posting on here. Thanks for hanging in there!

Emilie plays this game where she goes "night-nights" on the stairs. If only she enjoyed going to sleep in reality too!

Ballerina PJ's, Sesame Street toolbelt, doll stroller, puppy dog and a fiber one bar. Don't ask me where she comes up with these combinations.
Washing her toe-toes. Always having fun, always making a mess too!
A knight and his princess. Ben actually decided that Emilie should be a pink princess with sparklies for Halloween. (This is before the real Halloween, I would never put orange bows with a pink dress!) Reading on the stairs. Emilie sits all her dolls on the stairs and tells them over and over to sit. Then she tells me "sit Mommy, sit!" It's a very cute game.
The proper way to wear a crown. Riding the "hee-hee" (horse)
These are her favorite PJ's. They are her "Goo (girl) Rella" PJ's. She picked them out at Babies R Us and would wear them all day everyday if I let her. Personally, I think the crown and shoes add just the right touch!
Trick or treat at the zoo. I'll post pictures from the real Halloween when I get them from my sister. I actually forgot to bring my camera somewhere!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You know Emilie is sick when...

...she falls asleep watching Blue's Clues! Emilie has never randomly fallen asleep anywhere before, so she must be pretty sick. Please give me a few more days and I swear I will post a real update :)